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Dr. Dieter Brenken



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International Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Situation 1. Loss of the CFO at the end of the year in an Austrian stock company

Traditional, well-established brand group wants to align its competing and finance strategy sustainably

Solution. Contribution to corporate strategy 2021 incl. adopted Business Case, initiative to organizational development, regular participation in global supervisory board committees/meetings, filing consoldiated annual group account according to UGB incl. adjustment of an international transaction, decision preparation for new financing, set-up of new treasury tools

Industry. International highquality underware: Production, brand management and retail

Function. CFO

Situation 2. New anchor shareholder wants to place the transparency and strategy with the four-eye principle on a more solid foundation

•     Check of the corporate strategy, organization and IT
•     Develop a consistent M&A strategy
•     Post-merger-integration of two us-based enterprises (Los Angeles)
•     Restructuring Asia
•     Corporate annual reporting according to IFRS and GCGK

Precision injection molding for medical technology, automobile suppliers, eyeware

Function.  CFO of a company, listed in the prime standard of the German Stock Exchange

Sustainable corporate governance ESG

Situation. Integration of a group acquired along a “buy-and-build strategy” according to an aligned and sustainable strategy.

  • Integrated international brand strategy
  • Further development of an international sales strategy
  • Defining a sustainable corporate governance (Environmental Social Governance (ESG)) with financial and non-financial objectives (Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)):

Industry. B2B Electrical engineering

Management Responsibility. Commercial director of an international electronics group (interim manager)

Sustainability is nothing new. In the 17th century, water and forestry management were oriented towards it. With the Brundtland Report in 1987, the SDGs of the United Nations in 2015, the Paris Climate Agreement in 2016, to name just a few global initiatives, sustainability goals are receiving more and more attention on an international level. European legislators with the Supply Chain Act, corporate managers, investors, and ultimately end consumers are also focusing on sustainability benchmarks in their actions.

With the global effects of our industrial, technical and financial economic activities, social and ecological circumstances have fundamentally changed, which is currently particularly evident in the climate crisis.

How a company positions itself in its sustainability context the company must formulate and implement by itself. The sustainability strategy must be defined by situational and operationalized business terms.

Strategic Management & Ecology


of Financial Management

Situation. Management of strongly growing international business with inadequte accounting tools and missing controlling

Solution.  Step by step implementation of practicable controlling tools and permformance management (controlling, finance)

Industries.  Fast moving consumer goods, renewable energies

Management Responsibility. Member of the Board: Finance (permanent, interim)

Market Entry Strategy

Situation.  Entry in the telephone market, introduction of a new TV-service, market entry bio-organic food

Solution. Development of international business cases with marketing, sales and engineering; Implementation supply-chain and financial processes

Industries.  Telecommunication, video streaming, food

Management Responsibility. Director/Member of the board: Finance (permanent, interim)


Situation. Seasonal cash flow difficulties, no sufficient equity for addaption of the assortments, no positive operational earnings are predictable

Solution. Operational restructuring (product or service portfolio, sales, production,…), capital management (equity, debt, working capital), transformation of business model

Industries.  Automotive, construction, food, elastic textiles, fast moving consumer goods

Management Responsibility.
Director Group Controlling (permanent), CFO (interim)Geschäftsführer (Interim Manager)

International Management

and -controlling

Situation.  International affiliates are not developing according to market potential or group strategy

Solution. Strategy review with local management and alignment / resturcturing with the resources available

Industries. Fast moving consumer goods, media

Management Responsibility.
Regional Manager for affiliates in Central Eastern Europe and Nordic Countries (permanent), Director Group Controlling (interim)



Situation.  The future financing cannot be ensured anymore. The investors require a substantiated forecast.

Solution.  Turnaround plan with action measures and bridge financing, implementation support, and controlling

Industries.  Fast moving consumer goods, advertising, media, elastic textiles

Management Responsibility.
Member of the Board: Finance, Director Group Controlling (interim)

Change Management

Situation.  Stand-alone sales- and supply-chain-structures in an dynamically changing international market

Solution. Comprehensively outlined change management over all business processes, structures, functions, employees and senior management

Branche. Energy

Management Responsibility. Project manager for board member: Sales

Company Sale

Situation. Owner wants to sell his company because of strategic causes/own business-model. Operative know how to sell a company is missing.

Solution. Preparation of information material (ip, balance sheets,…), organization of the sales process with an M&A consultant and the company, operative support of the sales process

Industries.  Branded goods, medical technology

Management Responsibility.
Group-controller (permanent), CFO (Interim Manager)

Post Merger Integration PMI

Situation.  Integration of several companies under an unified leadership

Solution. Development of a competitive strategy with the CEO and deduction of structure, processes and management procedures; implementation of integration for the dimensions management, organization and company law

Industries.  Branded goods, temporary personnel services

Management Responsibility.  Head of group-controlling (permanent, interim), CFO (permanent, interim)

Extensive management success in top line management are the prerequisites for performing Interim Management.